About Us

The Old Beer Store


We're Matt and Amy Jakubaitis. Together since high-school prom (yep... Amy asked Matt to prom before even meeting him) we've been busy building this crazy life ever since. 16 years and two kids later, we decided to add a new chapter to our lives with a new business! Together with Amy's parents, we bought this old building back in 2017. When you buy an old building with plans to transform it from a beer retailer to an event venue, you've got your work cut out for you!  The building was built in the 1960s and operated as "The Beer Store" for nearly 40 years.  After the retailer moved out in 2015, the building sat vacant for two years and succumbed to the Canadian elements.  We committed to bringing life back into this building, and inject the beauty and character that it was missing.

Now open and operating, we've kept some of the fun elements from the old building and have brought in some fun new features, turning it into a perfectly-curated event space. Inspired by downtown big-city spaces, we've created a totally flexible, aesthetically-pleasing and completely private space perfect for events ranging from weddings to business functions to showers and everything in between.